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There are many advanced features in the GB WhatsApp that you won’t find in the official WhatsApp. The purpose of this article is to discuss the modified or clone version of WhatsApp, which is GB WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is the largest messaging social media application that is used all over the world. This application was created in 2009 by Yahoo employees. The main function of WhatsApp when it was created is only sending and receiving the message. But now it becomes one of the most using social media platforms across the world. Everybody who has a smartphone now uses WhatsApp because of its amazing g features and functions.

Later on, with time when their application gets popular among the people, they add many interesting features that make WhatsApp one of the best messaging applications of this time.

The person who created WhatsApp Brian Acton and Jan Koum are working in the Yahoo Company that is a search engine of that time. They only make a messaging app for the comfort of people so that they can easily contact their friends and family members.

In 2014 the Facebook purchase WhatsApp in a very high amount and those also adds many of the important features. The amount of money that Facebook gives to the WhatsApp owners is $19 billion.

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Gb Whatsapp

What’s New in GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is the MOD or Hack version of the original WhatsApp that comes with new and amazing features. There are many things that you see in the GB WhatsApp that are not available in the simple WhatsApp. Here you can make the message, schedules, hide from your contact that you are online or not.  The interface of the GB WhatsApp is so easy and simple that everyone can use this easily without facing any issue.

Improved privacy

Hide last viewed

Hide read receipts

No root required

Privacy control of GB Whatsapp

By using the GB Whatsapp you can get control of all the privacy of your WhatsApp, you can changes these settings at any time according to your need and interest. Here are some of the privacy settings.

Being online

Double tick


Settings of microphone

Status of recording

Status of typing

how it works

Gb Whatsapp

GB WhatsApp APK

The technologies become latest and advanced, hundreds of new applications and software’s are created day by day that helps us in our daily routine life. Now many of the applications are developed from the official originals software, the developers add more features to this software for our easiness.

Today we are going to discuss the GB Whatsapp that is a clone of WhatsApp that you can only download in form of APK. APK’s are the modified software that is created from the originals software’s the developers just made many advanced modifications.
The GB WhatsApp offers you many of the advanced features that you cannot find in the official and original WhatsApp. So this article is all about the modified or clone WhatsApp that is GB WhatsApp.
Nowadays millions of people use WhatsApp for sending, receiving, and calling their beloved ones. But if you want to use the same WhatsApp with extra advanced features which is safer and secure as compared to the simple WhatsApp.

Now in this digital world, a lot of new software’s created every day. The developers modified the official version of the original WhatsApp and add many interesting features, like hiding double ticks, copying the status, change themes, and many others. You can say that if you want to get more privacy in your WhatsApp, then the GB WhatsApp is for you free of cost.

If you have don’t use it before ever you should try it, you will start to use this WhatsApp because of its features. So don’t worry about its downloading and installing procedure because we are here to guide you.

Disadvantages of using the GB Whatsapp

If WhatsApp has a lot of benefits and features then it also has some cons and disadvantages that you need to know before using WhatsApp. 

The messages that you are sending are receiving maybe they are not safe, so we provide you a guarantee that your messages are secure and no third one is accessing your messages. Maybe there are chances that the messages that you send or receive from your beloved one are not in any third-party server’s access.

So you cannot share your personal information here, like your banking details, passwords, and any other important information. So you need to be careful while not using the GB WhatsApp but also the other Mods.

The WhatsApp Mods like the GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp plus are not illegal but they are unofficial, which means that they are not available on the Google play store or the Apple App Store. 

So you can only find this application on the web instead of the android or IOS app store, it can cause problems when you need to update these Mod applications.

As we know that the GB Whatsapp is a Mod application of WhatsApp that hosts on a local server, so maybe the viruses and malware can easily inject into this Mod software. So only you are responsible for any data damage. 

The biggest disadvantage of the GB WhatsApp you are using the official Whatsapp and the GB Whatsapp on the same number. You will be banned from the GB WhatsApp and maybe from the original WhatsApp for a lifetime.


The right App for you

The GB Whatsapp offers tons of features that you can use on your smart mobile phone, here are some important features of the GB WhatsApp.


This is a very interesting feature of the GB WhatsApp that offers you an auto-reply facility; you can send the auto-reply message to your friends at any time. This feature is very useful for jobholders and businessmen because sometimes we don’t have time to type the message so now get rid of this problem by setting the auto-reply feature.


Sometimes we are busy working on the internet or playing games or performing any work from our mobile phone. Due to turn on data, we receive messages and calls from WhatsApp that irritate us. But you can use the DND features of the GB WhatsApp that will turn off your only WhatsApp mobile data and you can use any other mobile application without turning off the whole mobile data.

Text Messages Broadcast

This is another amazing feature of the GB WhatsApp that allows you to send broadcast text messages, especially to the groups.

Filter Messages

The GB WhatsApp is designed with a lot of features; one of the features is filtering your message. This feature will help you clear all the chats with just one click, the interesting thing about this feature is that you can filter your messages.

Share Live Locations

Now you can send your live location to your friends or family members. If you are going to your friend, just ask him to share his location and you will go to the right address. So you don’t need to ask anyone for your desirable address.

Anti-Revoke Message

The GB WhatsApp comes with a fantastic feature that is anti-revoke messages. This feature will allow you to read the delete message from your sender. Sometimes your sender deletes the messages and you are getting confused but with the help of GB WhatsApp, you can read these messages easily from your mobile phone.

Share Live Locations

Now you can send your live location to your friends or family members. If you are going to your friend, just ask him to share his location and you will go to the right address. So you don’t need to ask anyone for your desirable address.

Outstanding Effects

GB WhatsApp is not only a messaging or calling application, now it is a mini photo editor. You can edit your pictures before sending the pictures to your receivers. So now you don’t need any photo editor, just make your pictures and videos with GB WhatsApp.

Revoke Multiple Messages

If you are not interested in reading the messages from any unknown numbers, then you can revoke the entire message same time. So don’t need to delete the messages one by one just delete them in the bulk form and get rid of them.

Endless Themes

There are many themes available in the GB WhatsApp that you can set according to your mood and interest. But in the simple WhatsApp, there are only two themes, in GB WhatsApp you will also find many of the colorful themes and emojis.

Endless Themes

Sometimes we ask our friends or family member to send that status that he/she has uploaded and that is a shameful act. But now you can download the status of your contacts using the status downloading feature of the G WhatsApp. 

Beautiful Fonts

The font is the thing that makes the chatting beautiful and interesting, so if you are bored while using the single font and want to change it. The GB Whatsapp offers you different amazing fonts that you can select any of them according to your choice.

Messages History

This feature allows checking the old message without any backup. You can see the history of all the deleted messages of your contacts on your mobile phone. 

Alter Contacts

This feature will allow you to hide the media visibility of your contacts one by one, this will help you because some of your contacts send your something’s that you don’t want to show in your mobile gallery so you can set these features and don’t receive the files from your contacts.

Mark the Unread Messages

Now you don’t need to open WhatsApp to read the messages, because you can mark the read message just from the notification bar. Sometimes we are busy and don’t have time to reply to the messages but want to read the message, so this feature will help you.

Select All Chat

It is very lengthy and irritating work to select the chat one by one or selecting the message one by one. This will also take you time and let you bored, but with the help of GB WhatsApp now you can select all the chats and messages from your screen in just one click.

Best Image Quality

In the simple WhatsApp when you send high-quality pictures, WhatsApp down the quality of your picture due to the pixels break, but using the GB Whatsapp you can send HD pictures and the quality of pictures doesn’t change.


GB WhatsApp is available in 60 different languages that you can select from the language default setting option. This feature makes the GB Whatsapp popular among the entire world.

Profile Photo Notification

This is a very interesting feature of the GB Whatsapp, usually, when our contacts change the photo we want to see but don’t get any notification. But the GB Whatsapp gives you notifications when your contact changes their profile photo. So you can engage with your contacts by commenting on their pictures.

Log History

GB Whatsapp offers you features, one of the interesting and best features is the log history feature that allows you to see the log history of your contacts.

Pop Up Notification

WhatsApp shows you a notification when anyone sends you a message and the notification shows the message and name of the contact. Whenever your phone is not in your hands and others can see and read your message from the notification. But with the help of GB Whatsapp now you can secure your privacy by using this feature. When you enable this feature you cannot show any pop-up notifications, you just get a notice that you receive a WhatsApp message. 

Safe to use

If you are confused about the GB Whatsapp that either it is safe to use or not it is good news for you that you are safe and secure from all the malware. The official GB WhatsApp is free from all viruses and malware.

Hide Yourself

Sometimes we don’t want to show that we are online because of many personal reasons like we are working and many people send the message for time pass. So this feature can help you because you can hide your online status and no one can see that you are online on WhatsApp.


If you want to use the two WhatsApp on your mobile phone and wondering about this problem, so you will be happy to know that you can use dual WhatsApp on your mobile phone. By using the GB Whatsapp you can use the official original WhatsApp simultaneously.

Hide message

Sometimes we need to delete some messages because of some privacy and we want to get back these messages after some time. But now you don’t need to delete the message, because just hide them and only you can see these messages and after the time unhide the messages.

Status upload

Uploading a status is a very interesting thing because you are showing your activity mood and your live locations. In the simple WhatsApp, you can upload a status only of 30 seconds but here in the GB Whatsapp, you can upload a status up to 7 minutes long.

Privacy protection

GB Whatsapp allows you to set a password for opening the GB Whatsapp, so your chats and messages are safe and secure. No one can read your message and your privacy is not at risk it is safe and secure.

Backup Feature

If you are changing your mobile phone and want to get back all of your WhatsApp data, like conversations, chats, and messages you can use the backup feature of GB WhatsApp. So change your mobile with full confidence you will get all the previous WhatsApp.

Multi GIF providers

The gifs are short videos or we can say that they are the video stickers that are mostly available on the simple WhatsApp. But in GB Whatsapp, there are hundreds of gifs are available that you can use in your conservation with your friends or family members.

Customize the emojis

In the GB Whatsapp, you customize the emojis to your contacts, some of the emojis are not available on your contact’s mobile and they see errors or some numerical numbers. But in GB Whatsapp, you will be able to see that either the emoji you send or working on your contact’s mobile phone or not.

Unlimited stickers

On GB Whatsapp, you can add as many stickers as you want, because there are no limitations for adding the sticker. But in the simple WhatsApp, you cannot add more stickers because of the memory.


The GB Whatsapp has very easy and simple interface because here you will see the different options or space for the groups, chats, status and call so you can sue it without any problem. If you are a newbie on a smartphone then GB WhatsApp has no issues regards its use.

Message Scheduler

This is another amazing feature of the GB WhatsApp that allows you to schedule messages like if you have important work then you can your WhatsApp and it will make a schedule or alarm for you so you can send or receive messages at a time.

Exchange video player

If you want to watch the videos in your WhatsApp that your contacts send you, so now you can watch these videos in your GB Whatsapp will using the entire feature that a video player allows you.

Double tick

The GB Whatsapp offers you unlimited features, you can also hide the double tick option means that if you are online and don’t want to show then enable these features. Now if anyone sends you a message to him, he will never get a double tick on his side.

Blue Ticks

When we send a WhatsApp message to someone, if he is online then you see the double tick, and if he reads your message you will see the double ticks are converted into blue ticks. But now you can get rid of the double tick problem so you can read the messages without blue ticks and the sender doesn’t know that you have read the messages.

Hide recording status

When we are recording a voice message our receiver knows that we are recording a message, this is a very irritating thing because sometimes we delete the message and that is not good. But know you don’t need to get shame because you can hide your recording status and no one knows that you are recording a voice message. Just send the voice message without showing that you are recording a voice message.

Hide Typing Status

The GB Whatsapp is full of interesting and amazing features, now you can also hide your typing status means that your contact will never know that you are typing a message or not so this way you can make yourself more safe and secure.

Where to get and set the GB WhatsApp

As we know that the GB Whatsapp is not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. So it is important to search for the platform where you can get the GB WhatsApp because the sites provide you that WhatsApp that is not working and maybe then can hack your WhatsApp. But you don’t need to worry because here you can get the authentic downloading links for the GB WhatsApp.

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Important Note of GBwhatsApp

One thing that you should need to know before downloading the GB Whatsapp is that many people think that using the GB Whatsapp will ban you from the WhatsApp messenger. But actually, there is nothing like this because we provide you the GB WhatsApp links that will not ban you from using WhatsApp. So you don’t need to worry about this problem you can easily use the two WhatsApp on the same device with different numbers.

What is GB WhatsApp?

There are many social media applications platforms are available on the internet that you can download and use, and Maybe you are using all of these in your life. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, like these applications WhatsApp is messaging and calling application that we are using in our life.

Mod of WhatsApp are the modified versions of WhatsApp that provide you more features and functions than simple WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is the best mod of all the modified WhatsApp because it is safe, secure, and more advanced as compared to the other modified WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp is the oldest Mod of WhatsApp and is considered safe and secure WhatsApp. So here we provide you all the information about the GB WhatsApp, like its features, specifications, pros and cons, and many others.

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Get the app now!

We are living in the digital where thousands of application is developed day by day, if you have a smartphone and feeling bored then you are the weirdest person on the earth. WhatsApp is the largest massaging application in the world, so if you want to use WhatsApp with advanced features and specifications GB Whatsapp is the best Mod. 

You can avail a lot of features and functions by the GB WhatsApp, here in this article we have discussed all the things about GB WhatsApp. Now you can download and use the GB WhatsApp after reading this article.

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How to download GB Whatsapp?

Many people don’t know the procedure of how to download the GB WhatsApp and install it on their devices. But you don’t need to worry because we are here to guide you, we will tell you step-by-step methods to download and install the GB WhatsApp.

First of all, you need to have sufficient space on your mobile device so that the file can easily be downloaded

  • Now click the given below downloading button 
  • Open your downloads folder and open the file
  • Go to your settings and enable the downloads from unknown resources
  • Now after downloading click the file and start to install it on your device
  • After successful installation, you can use the GB Whatsapp on your device
  • Make your account and enjoy the ultimate features of the GB WhatsAp

A platform where you can get this APP

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GB Whatsapp For IOS

The GB WhatsApp is available for all the IOS devices, like iPhone iPad, and mac books, so you can use the GB Whatsapp on all Apple smart mobile devices.


GB Whatsapp For Android

The GB WhatsApp is working on all the devices manufactured by android, the download links that we provide you are working well for all the android devices, like oppo, Vivo, Samsung, and all the other mobile brands that have an android version of 4.4.0 or above.


What is GB WhatsApp APK?

It is the modified or hacks version of WhatsApp that you can use with extra and advanced features. These types of Mods applications are available in the APK form.

Is GB WhatsApp APK Safe?

Many people are confused about these questions, so I tell you that the Mods application is a host on the local third-party severs, but they are safe to use. They have no big security risks, I am using this GB WhatsApp for a year for business purposes and I am satisfied with this. I have never faced any security problem, so you can use it without any problem.

Can GbWhatsapp Work on iPhone?

The IOS devices are becoming very popular all over the world, maybe half of the world are using the IOS devices. So the GB WhatsApp is available and working on the iPhones, you can get the iPhone GB WhatsApp downloading link from our site.

Can I Need to root my phone for this app? 

No, you don’t need to root your devices for using the GB Whatsapp, many of the people and sites tell you that rooting is necessary for using the Mods application but they are wrong. The GB Whatsapp that you download from our website doesn’t require rooting your device.

If I want to Backup then can I got backup data?

Yes, you can back up all of your data using the GB Whatsapp. As we are changing our mobile phones and want to get back our data so GB WhatsApp makes it easy for you to access your data.

Can I use Dual Whatsapp on the Same Mobile Phone? 

You will be happy to know that you can use dual WhatsApp on the same device along with the GB WhatsApp. But the main thing is that you can make two Whatsapp accounts on the same number, so you need to different numbers.

Should we need to update GbWhatsapp?

No, you don’t need to update the GB Whatsapp there is no rocket science behind this logic, but if you update your GB WhatsApp it will working better and with more efficiency.